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PaulusVictor decals


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Hello everybody,
First, thanks to Mike and Greg for their communication and work on setting this sub-forum up. It is great to be here.



In this first post I would like to introduce PaulusVictor.

PaulusVictor decals is in fact a small private hobby project and just like many other small producers I mostly create stuff that I like and because I want them myself. I am not really looking for a bestseller. PaulusVictor decals editions are usually small - with not more than 100pcs available for sale.

I am an engineer of graphic design and technology, I work in visual communications, design, publishing, product development and marketing, and since scale modelling is my hobby, I decided to do something special and unique in terms of visuals and research. I work on PaulusVictor projects alone, but there are many people involved in research, and I'm always trying to find people with first-hand experience on the subjects - if possible.

I have two sons (that's where the name PaulusVictor came from) and in the beginning I wanted to make a small decal set with basic research to do something to get them interested in this hobby. That is why I started with 1/144 sets. I was suprised how well they were received in general, and I had a lot of inquiries for bigger versions. I decided to mix scales in the future. That is where PaulusVictor is today.

Since these are only hobby projects... I don't really have a master plan for what is next.

I will present PaulusVictor product range here in new topics.

Also... I have no intention to use these topics just for presenting or making sales. I will share my knowledge and resources  on the subjects and I would appreciate further discussion. All the modelling subjects from PaulusVictor range are on my desk - and my long-term plan is to build them myself. Any extra information is great.

Let me know if you have any questions or need more info about something.


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A few highlights:













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Hello dear friends,

The time has come for a short retrospective.
First I would like to thank everyone for their support. I appreciate not only every customer, but also every message or advice.
There hasn't been much time to work on new sets lately, but I'm moving forward.

I have enjoyed working and researching each of these sets, but the "First responders" is still my favorite set. Working on that set, I met an incredible amount of dear people and interesting stories. "Dirty Danes" is still the best selling set. The second edition is already half sold out. The Syrians and Harriers are also almost sold out and I'm thinking of doing a smaller reprint.

Mustangs are coming soon.

Work on set number 7 has already begun. I got all the information and photos, it just needs to be drawn and prepared. At the current rate, it would be finished by the end of this year or the beginning of next year. I don't want to reveal what it is about yet, but I chose it because of the many messages and requests. There will be two very interesting planes in that set.

This brings us to set number 8. I have a general idea of exactly what it might be, but it's still up for debate. Feel free to comment or advise.

I wish everyone a lot of beautiful model builds...


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