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PaulusVictor decals - introduction


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Hello everybody,
First, thanks to Mike and Greg for their communication and work on setting this sub-forum up. It is great to be here.



In this first post I would like to introduce PaulusVictor.

PaulusVictor decals is in fact a small private hobby project and just like many other small producers I mostly create stuff that I like and because I want them myself. I am not really looking for a bestseller. PaulusVictor decals editions are usually small - with not more than 100pcs available for sale.

I am an engineer of graphic design and technology, I work in visual communications, design, publishing, product development and marketing, and since scale modelling is my hobby, I decided to do something special and unique in terms of visuals and research. I work on PaulusVictor projects alone, but there are many people involved in research, and I'm always trying to find people with first-hand experience on the subjects - if possible.

I have two sons (that's where the name PaulusVictor came from) and in the beginning I wanted to make a small decal set with basic research to do something to get them interested in this hobby. That is why I started with 1/144 sets. I was suprised how well they were received in general, and I had a lot of inquiries for bigger versions. I decided to mix scales in the future. That is where PaulusVictor is today.

Since these are only hobby projects... I don't really have a master plan for what is next.

I will present PaulusVictor product range here in new topics.

Also... I have no intention to use these topics just for presenting or making sales. I will share my knowledge and resources  on the subjects and I would appreciate further discussion. All the modelling subjects from PaulusVictor range are on my desk - and my long-term plan is to build them myself. Any extra information is great.

Let me know if you have any questions or need more info about something.


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A few highlights:













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