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Messerschmitt Bf 109 STGB Gallery

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Messerschmitt Bf-109 G6 Strela


Bulgarian "White 30" 3rd Yato

Circa 1946-1950


1/48 Eduard Bf-109 G6



BM Bf-109G6 OF Finished 1



BM Bf-109G6 OF Finished 2


BM Bf-109G6 OF Finished 3


BM Bf-109G6 OF Finished 4


BM Bf-109G6 OF Finished 5


Build log is here:




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Here’s an Airfix 1/72 Bf109E3 quickie, built from the starter set with markings from III./JG51, pretty much OOB over three days. Lovely kit, WIP (such as it was!) is here. Anyhow, pictures:





I couldn’t resist painting a bit of black in the cowling vents and adding an aerial wire:


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Tamiya Bf109 E-4 OOB

Paints Mr Colour

Decals Xtradecals


Finished to represent an A/C of III./JG77 Greece 1941


51346724947_35fe0ec2f4_c.jpgAC410F83-F32B-47EE-9CC7-ED25CA7B8A34 by James Halls, on Flickr


51347681373_8ff2dc7400_c.jpgC807D360-EA48-42EA-BE31-7F16B55D0F61 by James Halls, on Flickr


51348195999_1c2e38fd78_c.jpg4C522122-A4AC-4975-9890-C559958D012B by James Halls, on Flickr


51348475940_a38f7275ff_c.jpgF1C77080-71F6-49F9-9471-E74B01125336 by James Halls, on Flickr


51347681298_40147bf873_c.jpgE6F018B1-8512-40EC-A52B-BFE05764FEBA by James Halls, on Flickr


51348475900_5b1faabf16_c.jpg67D1F726-28EE-498C-BB5B-67E7DBA6162F by James Halls, on Flickr




51348195929_9e43e813ab_c.jpgF3FF6D28-5327-4B3D-9B16-8810341A1767 by James Halls, on Flickr



51348475865_69ffc8dcd6_c.jpg828ED6EE-4B20-4F96-8656-80DF787EBD29 by James Halls, on Flickr


51346724757_6a3ae56930_c.jpg6AA7D99B-1F1C-4D52-B928-5588CEDE5BC4 by James Halls, on Flickr


Thanks for looking, James

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Trumpeter 1/24th BF 109G-6 (early) with Tamiya 1/16th Luftwaffe pilot and Legend 1/24th seated pilot figure.











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My contribution, collected in one post. I had fun - and offer my thanks to the organisers!



An F-4 trop of JG27, flown by Hans-Joachim Marseille, North Africa, 1942. 1/72 kit from AZ models.




Another F-4 originally intended for North Africa, overpainted and sent to JG 3 in Petsamo, Finland in 1942. Föown by Eberhard von Boremski. Also AZ.




And finally a G-6/U3 recon version, flown by NAG4 CO Friedrich- Wilhelm Kahler in Russia 1944. Special Hobby with decals from Xtradecals.





Build threads here:



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So here is what may be my final batch of 109's, starting with the Airfix remoulding of the G-6.

DSC05575-crop DSC05573-crop DSC05571-crop

I was going to use the Erla canopy from the kit but it is rubbish so I used a Falcon vacform one instead, and I build a cockpit interior as Airfix did not bother for some reason. Other than that it builds up well enough though they have also missed out both the pitot tube and mass balances from under the wings - bit of a half hearted sort of remoulding exercise when they did some parts and not others!


I have painted it as the plane flown by Major Kurt Brandle, commander of II/JG27 "Pik As" when they moved to Schipol airfield in Holland in September 1943. He was shot down and killed in September of that year trying to attack a formation of B-26 Marauders that had just bombed his base.



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And this is the old Airfix boxing of the Heller Bf109-K.

DSC05577-crop DSC05579-crop DSC05581-crop

For its age it is not a bad kit - it was in the "Aircraft of the Aces" series so just came with some rather dubious decs for a plane supposedly flown by Hartmann - some sources say he never flew the Kurfust anyway. I decided to do it as a plane flown by the Adjutant of III/JG27 found abandoned in May 1945, complete with Defence of the Reich band.



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And lastly the fairly recent Airfix Bf109E-7/Trop. A well engineered kit which I built OOB except for using some left over Master MGFF cannon in the wing, though the kit ones were pretty good.

DSC05565-crop DSC05567-crop DSC05569-crop

Airfix say it is from 8/JG27 but I think they are wrong. All indications are it was actually from 2/JG27, and may well have been flown by Franz Elles as they claim. They do say that the spinner could be either red/white or green/white but as you can see I went for red. It really is a nice example of the way Airfix are building their kits of late.





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Bf 109 G-2 W.Nr. 10639

'Black 6'

Built at Leipzig by Erla Maschinenwerk GmgH in September 1942

Flown in combat by III/JG77 21 Oct 1942 - 13 Nov 1942, Libya, N. Africa.

Now restored and on display at the RAF Museum, Hendon, London, UK












Kit - 1/72 FineMolds Bf 109G-2

Paint - Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats

Aftermarket bits - Canopy - Rob Tarus, I/P - Pavla, Seatbelts - Eduard

Decals - Dave's Decals for Black 6 plus others from my stash


Build Thread (if you want more...) here;

Thanks hosts!

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This is my A Model Bf 109Z, first A Model kit I've built and apart from a bit of flash and a couple of fit issues, worked out really well.


For those of you unfamiliar with this particular "109" the Z joined 2 fuselages together seeking additional performance but with only one cockpit and pilot. The original aircraft was irreparably destroyed by Allied bombing and as the Me262 was by then in the pipeline, a replacement Z wasn't built.


To my knowledge no photos of the original exist, so you will have to make do with the ones of mine, I hope you like it.


Cheers Pat












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This is my finished Eduard Bf 109E-1.  Here is a link to the build log.   Many thanks to all the comments and to all the other builders.  I have learned so much from the people on this site and hopefully some of that has found it's way into my models.











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Here's another...V-Tail...I guess it was prototype and never saw combat.  I'm pretending it did.  This is Hartmann's aircraft in Russia '43.


WiP is here...













Nice GB folks.  Shame it's ending.  I am going to try to squeeze one more in but I am off island beginning tomorrow until the 25th...we shall see!









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...and here's another.  This one is from the Cold War, the Finnish racer from 1950.  I am happy that SH released this in 1/72nd.  The decals are stunning and fit like a glove.  Overall, the kit is the same as the AZ Model kit with some PE added.  Very nice and I recommend  ti for anyone who e=wants to built tis particular aircraft in The Gentleman's Scale.  😉


WiP is here...
















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And again an Emil 😁from 4/JG51 this is the Airfix 1/48 edition .
The real aircraft was based at one point in Germany in Friedrichshafen and probably winter 1940 as some pictures show snow on the one I have but there are some in the same scheme without snow..Don’t know if it flew in the BOB in these colors...

I have chosen to paint this one in a RLM 70/71 splinter scheme and topped it off with a meandering RLM 02 as par instructions...

The instructions say it is an E3 but I suspect it to be an E1 as I don’t see any guns poking out of the wings.

Problems kept coming during the build but I am glad I finished it as It does look different and I could give the airbrush a good whirl on the freehand camo of the RLM 02...


Some shoddy looking paint mistakes were also incorporated as in real life like the overspray of the white nine and the green under the canopy...


Anyway I wish I could have finished the others but I nevertheless had a great time and looking at how the other builds progressed.

I also I would like to thank our hosts for encouraging and providing a place to make a digital stash haha.


the build is to be found here..













cheers, Jan

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Late entry to the gallery,i finally found time for the ariel line, and to demask,

Its a-z models 1/72 bf 109-E kit finished in  the markings of pips priller,

Thanks for all the likes and comments along the way👍








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