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Some scratchbuilt 1/100 scale north African buldings.

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Not strictly speaking a diorame, but thought this might be of interest, some generic north African buildings I made for the purposes of gaming. Everything is made from card or from the sort of hardboard used for backing picture frames, which I've found is quite easily carved, sanded, drilled and shaped. Cardboard is also more easily shaped if impregnated with liquid superglue I've found. Paints are all cheap artist's acrylics from The Range. All scratchbuilt, no aftermarket parts.


A small mosque or suchlike:





and from the other side:





Building with double barrel-vaulted roof:








A small dwelling with olive tree:




This was my first attempt. Still fairly happy with it, although the frame holding up the awning is overscale:




Lastly, a shot to give an idea of the scale. The desert baseboard rolls up, could be a useful idea for anyone who takes models to shows and competitions to display. It's made from an old vinyl tablecloth. The fabric side is covered with a very thinly laid paste, made of decorator's caulk, acrylic paints, and sand, and then washed with a thin dark brown wash and drybrushed with a highlight colour. If you make one of these, use an acrylic caulk that's marketed as extra-flexible. Also remember that although it's white, it has very little white pigment in it and a small amount of paint will have a big effect on the colour. I found that one and a half of the tubes that go in a sort of syringe gun was enough for a 3'x3' board. I wasn't sure it would really roll up without cracking or delaminating but it does.







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1 hour ago, Bandsaw Steve said:

Nice. Looks like the backdrop for an Indiana Jones movie.


See, now you've got me googling for a 1/100 scale Indy...

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