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1/8 Yodel Honda CBX 1000Z

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Hi all, here are the final photos of the mighty Honda 6, a fairly straight forward build apart from the exhaust system which needed lots of test fitting and even then, I had to cut 3mm off each side of the lower collectors to get the foot peg hangers to line up correctly.


I had run out of Molotow chrome on Wednesday, placed an order that afternoon and it arrived on Thursday morning. So, I could add the final coat of liquid chrome to the down pipes and collectors. I also added some silver solder to the seat to replicate the chrome trims and made up a few brake pipe brackets.


I decided to leave the kit high handle bars and not try to lower them, as it wouldn't have been a straight forward job due to the fact that they are a cast alloy item on the original bike and the casting would be tricky to replicate. I think the throttles cables are a smidge too large diameter, but I had nothing smaller that looked any better, so I will leave them for now.




Finally I've added some photos of the real bike that I restored last year for your comparison. I hope you enjoy looking at this 70's muscle bike, another one to add to my growing collection.



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9 hours ago, PLC1966 said:

I like the model, lovely...............


but the real thing....


The real bike was a neglected rust bucket when it came to me, good job the new owner had deep pockets and equally long arms to reach into them.!

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I have to say that pretty much every bike I've seen done on here looks superb, but this one is right up with the best of them 👍

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Superb model, very realistic. Bravo on a job well done.  That applies to the model AND the real thing.


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5 hours ago, KingSlug said:

Nice job..one thing about all these kits is the hoses..they never look right. I'm trying to come up with a better way...

Thanks, I have to agree the hoses drive me mad !

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How did I miss this? Incredible. 


So impressed by the real one too.

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