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HMS Hood

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80 years since the loss of HMS Hood.


Moya McDonald

May 6, 2021


NEWS, Online events: Remembering HMS Hood



On May 21st it will be exactly 80 years since HMS sailed from Scapa Flow on her final voyage. Three days later she was sunk by the Bismarck in a sequence of events that led to the end of the great German battleship as well. The Hood was so renowned that her loss was a national shock, and story of her life, from construction to the final days, will be told in an programme of events by the group Another Orkney Production on 21-22 May for their annual ‘Celebrating Scapa Flow’. Moya McDonald of AOP outlines the plans and the background......


More here: http://frontiersmagazine.org/80-years-since-the-loss-of-hms-hood/













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Discussion is started, very interesting . 


Discussion with Commander William Sutherland RN (retired), Commander David Hobbs, MBE RN (retired), Graeme Lunn, and Rob White.

Introduced by Captain Chris Smith, Regional Commander RN Scotland and Northern Ireland.




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WOW! I can't believe no one has replied to this. Thank you for posting all this, good info. I am building a 1/200 model atm, although progressing slowly. Lots more good info at the HMS Hood Association website and over on ModelWarships.com especially EJ Foeth's build. Regards, Pete in RI

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I attended a fascinating presentation given by William Sutherland a couple of weeks ago on this subject.  I suspect it was very similar to the one he presented on 21 May,  If you get a chance to watch the video, I would recommend it. 

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