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Beaufort Mk.Ia DD959 colors


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I thought I may ask if anyone is able to comment on the color scheme of the DD959 "Q" of 217.squadron, which is usually described as Temperate Sea Scheme (e.g. Xtradecal sheet), while on the IWM picture I can see much lighter colors which rather remind DE/MS with Azure Blue or Sky underneath, probably as a result of local repainting. Shouldn't the TSS scheme look more darker on the picture, or perhaps this is a orthochromatic material where the colors are a bit shifted?


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I would very much doubt that any Beaufort would be painted into the Desert Scheme.  The light propeller tips suggest this is not orthochromatic film but this is not an absolute rule, and unfortunately it is not possible to to see the roundel colours where the comparative tones of the blue and the red would tell us.  Sadly for us, TSS varied considerably with lighting conditions, film and filters, but the light appearance of two of these three colours does suggest the presence of blue.


By chance, this morning's post bought the arrival of the latest Scale Aircraft Modelling (June) wherein Paul Lucas discusses the available evidence fo the use of blue colours on Mediteranean bombers.  To summarise, there is little direct evidence and what there is points to Blenheims rather than Beauforts.  However there is some evidence for Beauforts in either Extra Dark Sea Grey and Light Mediterranean Blue over Azure Blue, or Dark and Light Mediterranean Blue over Azure Blue (as JWM's model above).  Best read the entire article, but the final words of the article are "..cannot be confirmed."

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