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Hello All,


I know what you are thinking: not yet ANOTHER thinner thread! Well, maybe this could be the thread to end all threads, but that's probably wishful thinking. After scouring this forum, various websites, YouTube channels, consulting my psychic, etc. I have decided to create a bare-bones thinner compatibility chart. It is not flashy/TED Talk levels, but hey.




I just came up with this while trying to wind down after long day, and also after trying to keep the darn combinations straight in my head. I'm aware (and also growing more appreciative) of the fact that ultimately it comes down to personal experience and seeing what works. One would ask why I wouldn't just try things rather than attempt to get a PhD in paint chemistry. Just my curiosity getting the better of me, I guess.


Feedback, constructive criticism and/or tarring & feathering is welcome. Caveat: this is only for paints I personally own/most commonly encountered here, and the list is far from complete. Also, it is based on the general consensus (is there such a thing?) I have gleaned from my time browsing various corners of the internet and this forum. No one is going to stop you from thinning with tap water, but some things seem to work better. This chart is a general guideline/quick reference for myself, and hopefully others. If anyone feels the desire to contribute I can send a link for editing. 


TLDR; lacquer thinners (e.g. the revered Mr. Color Levelling Thinner) seems the most compatible overall.



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