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Hawker Osprey of HMS Sussex in New Zealand.

Pete M.

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Found in a batch of recently digitised photos from the Air Force Museum Of New Zealand archives. I have cropped the original and straitened it horizontally it for posting here.


The original full sized image can be found here: https://fotoweb.airforcemuseum.co.nz/fotoweb/archives/5003-Search-the-Collection/Collection/2021-078.21_1.JPG.info




The caption reads: Negative from the FE Fennessy personal collection. Side view of Hawker Osprey K3629, from HMS Sussex on the hard at RNZAF Station Hobsonville.

HMS Sussex was visiting New Zealand between late 1934 and early 1935.


Hopefully some details there for any of you building an Osprey on floats.


Cheers, Pete M.

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  • Pete M. changed the title to Hawker Osprey of HMS Sussex in New Zealand.

Very nice picture, some useful details there! I recently rediscovered the Amodel floatplane Osprey in the stash and am very tempted to start building soon!

Cheers, Paul


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