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Tamiya 1/35 M4/M4A3 to Vc progress

Radpoe Spitfire

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A while ago, I posted about my intention to convert a couple of battered Tamiya  M4/M4A3 kits to build a Vc. 

I have included the link below  of photos I have put on my Facebook to 🤞 show the progress so far. In part it's  saving two kits that were destined for the bin, and to test and challenge my skills. But it is also to celebrate 50 years as a modeller. 

It isn't perfect, and there is a lot more work until its completed, but it gives me great joy - even if my standards aren't that high.

But it is also an antidote to my job as an A&E ambulance ECA and for caring for my wife and son who have seriuis health issues.


I hope ( if the link works) you like the progess so far- please be kind 😌


Regards Adrian


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Link to off-site content, that as it happens doesn't work. Pleas review the rules about posting your model photos.
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On 22/05/2021 at 06:07, Circloy said:

Doesn't this link break this rule?



Yes, and the link doesn't even go to any meaningful content :hmmm:

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