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Short SB5 double build

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The Short SB5 was built to test the highly swept wing layout for the EE Lightning and flew with three different wing and two different tail configurations.



I built the 69 degree sweep version last year;

Now it's time to build the other two versions to complete the set and as the kit is fairly simple and they are both in the same colour scheme, I thought it made sense to do a double build. Two Whirlybirds kits and an original Project-X conversion that supplies the different wings and high-set tailplane. The resin parts simplify the build by dealing with the cockpit, intake and jetpipe. The decals are the horrible Clear-Fix type that don't work very well and always crack after application so I'll be replacing them using home printed ones using the artwork I drew for my previous build.




Colour scheme will be silver upper and black lower as it is now preserved at Cosford.



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Due to the small number of parts, everything has been separated from the backing sheet, rubbed down and most parts glued together. The resin intake and jetpipe really help to speed things up and take away the difficulty of getting a truly round hole through the fuselage joint line. A little filing away of the fuselage plastic to make it fit well onto the resin was needed but this only took seconds. The resin cockpit fits perfectly so no scratchbuilding required there and there aren't any undercarriage bays to cut out and box in. This really would make an ideal first vacform. I only added some plasticard in the centre of each wing, tail fin and a keel inside the fuselage, from behind the cockpit to the jetpipe part.


I added some nose weight which is probably unnecessary, but with the highly swept wings and a chunk of resin at the back end, it's better to be safe than sorry. There is also a metal bang seat to go in the cockpit which will help keep the front end down.





Some filler to apply when all the glue has set but not many gaps to deal with.


Thanks for looking.




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Cheers Mike, they go together really quickly without any issues. I reckon there might be a shot of three SB5s and maybe the P1 at the end of this build.


Only a couple of things needed attention after the primer coat so I took advantage of decent weather today to get a coat of silver onto both of them. Once that has hardened off I'll get them masked for the gloss black undersides.




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Cheers, the UFO Interceptor does like to come out of the SHADO(ws) now and again......👽


Fairly simple scheme to mask and the black went on both without any problems. A couple of minor touch-ups and the undercarriage is now complete.




I've printed the decals now as well so they will go on once I've given the silver a gloss coat.





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On 18/06/2021 at 22:38, Mike N said:

That's a nice silver coat. What paint is that?




Hi Mike,


It's Halfords Ford Stardust Silver with a matt varnish after decalling.


Both of these are now finished with photos in the gallery.


50 degree wing and T-tail




60 degree wing and low-set tail




Thanks for looking.



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