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Takom 1/35 British Naval Air Defence Missiles, Sea Dart & Sea Wolf


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From Takom's Facebook page, the latest in their 1/35 Naval Weapons systems are the GWS-30 Sea Dart and GWS-25 Sea Wolf in a double kit:




Who's going to be first to knock up a 1/35 Type 42, Type 22 or Leander to go with it 🤔

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Posted (edited)

Dear British Colleagues,
I am currently building this very special system and I cannot decide between two very different paint schemes for the rocket.
- Please tell me the difference between the function of the red and white painted rockets (training or live weapon?). The plan is to make a Falklands era.
- Also question the light grey colour of the launcher stand - relatively accurately. If you can help with a FS code (this is available, but perhaps another paint code would be suitable), thanks!
- I understand that the area around the launcher stand (dark grey?) is an anti-slip (ruffled) surface?
Thanks for your expert help!
Best regards, Istvan


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