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Rock effect painting (the lazy way)

The Great Escape

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I’ve not seen this method posted any where before so thought I’d share a very simple way of painting a fairly realistic rock base. 












If you have access to a chiminea or log burner, give this a try:


Grab your base material. I use celotex which is building insulation. If you haven’t used celotex before, give it a go. It’s similar in properties to the oasis florists use but it’s much more workable and you can achieve far better shapes.

Then whack on a rubber glove and smear pva glue all over the base

To make the rock colour, I use... ash! 

Grab a handful of ash from your wood burner and just pat it on.


The ash gives a great mottled grey effect and I think it looks more realistic than painting. Plus, it’s a very quick way of covering whole sections in next to no time. It takes a few days to dry back.


No idea how I first discovered this but it worked well so I’ve used it multiple times.



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