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MFH 1/12 '64 Ferrari 250 GTO

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Yes, you are absolutely right about the angle; it is definitely off. Those are all great tips, and will be very valuable for future builds, as well as future steps in this build. I should have thought of heating the pipes up! Can't believe that didn't occur to me... Thanks for the compliment on the surface finish; I like how that turned out too.


Thanks as always,


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11 hours ago, bigbadbadge said:

Oooooo crikey, this has progressed well and now seemingly quickly too.  Looks good going together.  I am sure you  sort out any little issues there,  I am not an expert enough to offer any advice on these. 


Great work 





Many thanks! The body elements, though in many ways more difficult than the engine, are far less complex and time-consuming, so things are zipping along now compared to the very slow progress of the engine coming together. I appreciate your kind words.


All best,


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