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E3-D 1/72

ian fish

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Thanks to Covid I got back into doing the odd Aircraft in the last year. I have been unaware of any models over the last ten years or so probably more (last year was my 50th and I fancied a kit then!).


My main interest is finescale UK model railways, in October 19 we moved into our new home, the intention was a new hobby room for me, this is very much approaching on the horizon, so Ian will soon have it by the year end I will have a 5m x 7.5 m model hobby room self contained, only draw back I have to build it and an extension! 


So the odd Aircraft can occupy me when I have down time during the build.


I have been assembling a few models which seem to follow a "listening" theme. The E3 is the biggest off this collection. 


I had chance to visit my "local" model shop and came across face to face a Heller 707, I wasn't even aware this was available!!  My thinking at that stage buy it and use it as a basis for a Sentry...Then a few searches and online had E3's for less than the 707 a few more quid was used...


I guess the model is OK scale wise it has the proportions off a e3 from my very limited knowledge of them. What struck me is the lack of much detail with the kit, so how to address that?


In the last two weeks I have further been back to the bank and bought:-


Combat Conversions E3D Resin conversion kit with decals (oh and Joint Rivet why oh why oh why, lovely details)

Flightpath etch E3D some nice touches contained within these etches

Brengun 707 general detail etch which are on their way to me...


I had also looked at sourcing the eduard etch but think Brengun and Flightpath have similar details 


Scaleaircraftconversions whitemetal lending gear is also under consideration.


Is there anything else aftermarket I haven't come across or mentioned which could be worth considering?

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I think Combat Conversions should provide you with all that you need to assemble an E-3D.  Yes, the Heller kit is a little spare by standards of today, but when Heller released it out in 1986-7 it was the proverbial "cat's meow," and I snapped it up quickly.  You'll want to consider modifying the cockpit area, however, and if you check out Airlinercafe.com, there's some advice there (if you search) about cutting the forward fuselage forward of the passenger entry door and lowering it about 1/8" so the cockpit more closely matches the  pax window line.  You'll also want to sand down the anti-glare panel area and reposition the cockpit transparency so that the cockpit side windows are parallel with the window line rather than cant upward.  That, and you should seriously reshape the nose radome.  Compare the parts against photos of the real thing, and you'll see what I mean.  I cannot refer you to any current publications that would help guide you on the E-3D, but Detail and Scale produced a 707/AWACS book authored by Al Lloyd that remains authoritative.

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I would recommend staying with the kit landing gear.  The Scale Aircraft Conversion gears are white metal and as I remember the kit when I built it over 30 years ago, it is quite heavy when done.  I have heard that the white metal gear has been known to bend on heavier models.



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