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Firestreak Sabre

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This model is built using the forthcoming Red Roo conversion for A94-922 - the Sabre used for the working up of the Blue Jay missile system. This was put into production as the Firestreak.


This is the 1/72 version and uses the HPM/Tasman fuselage and the Red Roo slatted wings.






The conversion will actually be a complete kit and will include the fuselage, wings, resin parts for missiles and radome and an Academy Sabre kit to use for wheels, tailplanes. canopy etc.



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What a lovely Sabre model, looks great all built up and its nice to know that this will be a forthcoming Red Roo kit. 
Cheers.. Dave 

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On 5/13/2021 at 8:08 AM, VH-JEB said:

This is the 1/72 version

Very nice build of an interesting variation of "the most formidable Sabre of all". It's all good but I really like the aluminium finish and the stencils.

Is there going to be a 1/48 version?

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One of my colleagues pointed out that A94-922 had two pitot tubes while engaged in these trials. Just to show we keep up with the latest information, here it is with two pitots.




I considered photoshopping the existing one on to the other wing but it was easier to fix the model!


As to the 1/48 version, it is dependent on acquiring some fuselages. The HPM moulds are beyond redemption and quantities of the plastic are long sold out. We are hoping HPM will at some stage have a new fuselage which we can use.

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