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A "Skulk" of Sea Vixens

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All complete and I've even managed a photo shoot with my other Sea Vixens too.   This is the latest addition to my HMS HERMES Air Group, a Sea Vixen FAW.2 of 893 Sqn in the early 1970s. 






This is the Xtrakit/MPM model, built almost entirely from the box, but with a selection of various decals, some FROG Red Top missiles and a replacement ejector sea for the pilot.








I know this kit has received lots of criticism and that was one of the reasons it has sat in my stash unloved since 2008, but now that it is finished the only thing that really still grates is the length of the tail booms (and if I had known, it would have been an easy fix to lop off a few mm from them). 


There are other disappointing detail issues, like the nose shape and Observer's window, but I can live with them and with a little care, the kit is certainly not unbuildable.








... and now to compare:


with the superb 1/48th Airfix kit;




with a FROG kit converted to an FAW.1 using Magna resin (with nose cosmetically extended a few mm) and Model Art decals;




with an original FROG kit bought in 1976 when they first appeared (whose wheels disappeared way back in the 1970s!);




with a Eastern European FROG repop kit converted to a DH110 Pirate;




and finally, all the 1/72 kits together:




FredT :)

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Lovely models! 

Didn't even know there was an airfix kit - I have loved this aircraft since I saw one flying at the East Fortune Air Show back in 2002 -  a big yellow bat machine, like something out of a Dan Dare comic. The kit seems to be rare, but found one on Ebay.

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Gee thanks Fred.  Now I have to build a Sea Vixen because I like your`s so much.  😉  Very nice results and overall presentation!!!!! :clap2:



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