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Formaplane 1/72 Albatros BII vac form £3.25

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Managed to spend some time with the top wing. At first I couldn't get it to lie level. I solved this problem when the halves decided enough was enough and broke apart. Luckily there was an exposed spar on each side so I could balance each side separately with the aid of tacky glue and an acme support.


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Coming together now with some rigging between the wings. Got the mg sorted and ready to install. Undercarriage next which is 20x40 strip and rod for the axle. It seems that most Albatros built machines didn't carry much in the way of identification numbers which helps as the spares are a bit deficient at the moment.

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Thanks Stix.

                    Got her finished. Pretty much OOB with a few extras such as a Roden Parabellum and scratched gun rails. It's a pretty decent kit that is open to many different versions. It was used in combat until mid 1916 on the Eastern Fronts and served throughout the whole war as a trainer. Later aircraft had leading edge radiators, stronger tail skids and even Balkan crosses. Not forgetting a variety of exhaust styles.


A few photos I took before I noticed I hadn't fixed the dynamo for the radio. Rest to follow in the Gallery.


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Hi Steve. That really is a superb result and it looks absolutely fantastic in the Gallery! Very well done! :worthy:

Thank you very much for building it in this GB.

Kind regards,


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