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What music are you playing VII.


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The new Celestial Bodies EP by Cambridge band Lemondaze. Proper, old-fashioned shoegaze/dreampop with more than a nod to Slowdive. If they had been around in the early 90s, chances are my old band would have shared gigs with them.

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3 minutes ago, Ratch said:

Was @BIG X playing Nick Lowe - I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass?

No @Ratch - it was David Bowie - from the LOW album...



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Low is my favourite Bowie album. I think that the decision to work with Eno was inspired. 

I often wonder what the meeting at RCA board room must have been like when they listened to Low for the first time, what with it opening with an instrumental and the uncommercial nature of the record. Even Sound And Vision, arguably the most accessible song on the album, takes quite some time before any singing starts.


Like many people, it was the likes of Hunky Dory, Ziggy and Space Oddity that got me into Bowie, but I clearly remember hearing  Warszawa on side three on the Stage live album and being blown away by the ominous, atmospheric nature of the piece. It was a “ground zero” moment and I think that the vast majority of my subsequent record collection can be traced back to that song.


Genius album.

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