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One Man Model 1/48 HS Andover. 3D Printed kit

Colin W

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Well 1 month later; the masks arrived in 1 week rather than the 2 expected but I was pre-occupied with other activites so this sat for a few weeks waiting for the other things to get done. Some more filler was applied and some areas painted white got me to here. The stickers (not decals) are supplied to stick over the finished paint and in fairness they would probably work well, as white decals over dark colours is never a great solution. So I decided to use the stickers as masks and apply them over the white base coat for the greater accuracy. See later for how this turns out!?

Here we see the white masks separated from the white film and applied to the white base. If that seems hard to say or see, then its even harder to do. National insignia will be from Ventura decals so have just been marked as white blank circles. I've printed my own in the past (see my C-130 Hercules) but commercial ones are a bit better if obtainable.




The stone has now been repainted over the white letters used as masks so I am back to where I was a month ago and waiting on the dark brown.

Thanks to Dave Stewart in New Zealand for the actual scheme and pattern I can get the camouflage correct.




Be careful if you are following this build. There are only 4 x 0's and you have no spares. If building NZ7620 you need all 4 so if you stuff 1 up there's no help. This is strange as almost all other stickers are supplied with spares. Guess which one I stuffed up!


You can see the almost finished props in the back ground of the last picture. Kiwi Andovers had yellow tips to the props rather then red and white which makes things a bit easier.

Seems I might make the deadline yet.



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Cracking along now Stone masked and dark earth applied.




Masked again for the black




Gloss black mixed with a bit of German grey for the undersides and deicing boots done with Mr Colour 125 Cowling colour.




Big un-mask later....



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Well some say it;s all in the preparation so here is where I am now. Final paint came out really well and the stickers used as masks idea worked well, so the stripped down model looks like this. Next step will be a coat of Future and application of the decals.

Outer wings are removable for ease of storage and transport!




Gloss finish next and then decals and final detail.


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Well a big push over the last few days saw the decals, aerials and other minor parts added so I'm declaring this finished, 3 days before the deadline.

This has been a long but very enjoyable build and I am very happy with the final result. The kit was very comprehensive and the support to get some more markings was superb.




A glimpse of the main interior.




Radar altimeter squares on the otherwise all black underside.




A very enjoyable build of the local plane here in Andover.


Thanks to all those who commented during the build and to Brad for the GB idea.



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