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L'ARSENAL 2.0 New products for May


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L'Arsenal 2.0 is back after this long intermission.

Delayed orders should be corrected soon: our big orders for photo etching has just cleared the French customs.

In the meantime:


French Marine Nationale ship fitting sets at 1:100 scale. This is a larger version of our Clemenceau set (1:400) which will fit every French naval ship of the Postwar era.






Aircraft ground accessories: continuing our range of French Air Force starting units.


Groupe de démarrage SOCEA SEAA1 1/48






Groupe de démarrage SOCEA 3608 TM 1/32






Groupe de démarrage MEA CF6 1/32






Aircraft weapons:


AASM 250 Mk82 1/72 set of four

The latest generation Air-to-Ground Munition, the AASM is currently in service with the Rafale, Mirage 2000 and upgraded Mirage F-1 in the French Air Force.





Decals: A major overhaul of the decal offer is underway. These products now appear in a separate section in the shop to make them easier to find:




Eventually, almost all the references will be available in the following scales: 700th, 400th, 350th, 200th and 144th

If you order one, first check the corresponding visual in the shop to make sure of the exact composition of the plate, which varies according to the scale for layout reasons: a 144th plate contains fewer elements than the same one at 700th!

Example: the "Naval Aeronautical Marking" plate becomes:


From 1:700 scale:




To 1:144 scale:




Gold Medal Models has kindly allowed l'Arsenal 2.0 to take back a few references that are no longer being made but are still in demand for rework and local production. Thanks to Loren Perry ! The first board (USN aircraft markings) is currently being redesigned and will also be available in several scales.


Photo etching: This area has greatly suffered from the pandemic, with the temporary or permanent closure of several suppliers and the resulting congestion by the "survivors" literally taken over by the manufacturers. Ongoing deliveries should make up for the delivery delays and ensure a safety stock. Again, the PE boards have been grouped in a specific section in the shop for easier searching:




A growing number of small PE accessories, often difficult to assemble, will be replaced by the end of the year by new 3D references (1:700, 1:400, 1:350). In the same way, small kit elements (1:700 to 1:32) will be progressively replaced by their "3D" version: our "pool" of designers is already at work!

Finally a handful of new "marine", "aircraft accessories" and "space" products will be available in a few weeks... Surprise!


Happy modeling,


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