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2 hours ago, Mike said:

May the Fourth be with you. Incidentally, what's with this new Star Wars show, The bad batch?  Just seen it advertised now :hmmm:

May the Fourth to everyone ! Its an extension of the clone wars season seven. It follows clone force 99 as they refuse to comply with the Empire, and are hunted down. This all takes place just after order 66 and the clone wars are ended. 

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I lost track of what was happening in that universe some time ago. I don't even think I saw the last film.

I am however kitbashing a new Freighter which I hope will fit in with Star Wars, and I have at least one more build planned.



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4 hours ago, Mick4350 said:

And yesterday was May the Fifth Element day and one of our TV stations had back to back showings of the movie The Fifth Element for 15 hours.


Don't tell me, You could watch it all day long, because you have a Multipass!

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