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Due to illness (and the cold in the manshed) I've been quiet on the build front for a while. 

However, today, plastic seems to have been manhandled (ooer) and the smell of Tamiya extra thin has wafted about.

This one has been nagging away in my brain for a couple of months now, and today I had an opportunity to do something about it.

I'd gotten a couple of 'spares or repair' F-18's from the bay for less than a tenner. One Esci, the other a Chinese cheapo. 1/48th scale.

One of them will form the basis of the Freighter. And, you may be wondering what a Vaurbian is? Sci Fi Wikki (probably) says...



The type K-20 Vaurbian Freighter is a rare item in the Star Wars universe.

No one seems to know who the Vaurbians were, Or the location Of their home system.

All that seems to remain are these ships. Which seem to be at least hundreds of years old. 

The Freighters are controlled by what may be an A. I. (Artificial Intelligence) built into a sealed compartment in the hull. 

Although it may equallly be an Alien life form or even a Vaurbian.

For the sake of convenience I’ll use the term A.I.

The A.I navigates and controls the ship so there is no need for a bridge. Commerce etc is handled via comms by the AI.

In some ships Humans are employed by the AI for cleaning and light maintenance, as well as cargo handling.

They may even be a family unit. Others use robots.

The FTL drive is totally unlike anything else seen in this universe.  Empire ships etc just seem to turn up the gas to number 11 and vanish. Vaurbian FTL seems to operate in a very strange way, but the AI always knows where and when it is. The drive can also be used as a weapon. It seems that no one who tried to attack one of these freighters in the past has ever been heard of again.

Hence the lack of external weapons.

The ships are fully atmosphere capable, so can deliver their cargo virtually anywhere.

Given the size of the Empire, Freighters are always in demand.


And so, some pictures of progress so far...


Some boxes of bits. some of which have been donated by fellow Britmodellers. My thanks to all.



More bits being kept close to hand. These will be used to disguise the basic Aeroplane (hopefully).



The basic Aeroplane. The ship will be this way up, but the back becomes the front.

I've made a start already, The green Gazelle bits seen here at the back have been glued on. 

It felt good to get something done, though I don't know when the next episode will go to press.

Thanks for looking in. I hope to be back soon. Pete.


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34 minutes ago, Pete in Lincs said:

The ship will be this way up, but the back becomes the front.

Pretty standard for one of yours I reckon Pete.

Good luck with this me old Vaurbianator. :thumbsup2:

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Thanks for looking in, Guys. It's nice to know that someone else, besides me, is curious to find out where and how this is going to end up!

Having said that, I have an idea of what I want, it's the getting there that is the fun bit. 

It's often said, 'the journey is often better than the arrival'  or something along those lines.


I just realized that I forgot to include a scale. I'm thinking (unless anyone else has a better idea) of 1/350th.

This makes it nigh on three times the length of the Milllennium Falcon (114 Ft). A useful size for a hauler, I think.


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