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Paint Pooling in Nozzle Cap

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I noticed today while spraying Mr Surfacer 1500 thinned with Mr Hobby Levelling thinner that paint was collecting in the bottom of the nozzle cup. I was using a Mr Hobby Procon Boy SQ PS268. 


The paint itself was spraying fine. However any time I stopped to change parts etc, I would need to clear the paint from the nozzle cap before continuing. 


Is this caused by 

1. spraying at too low a pressure 

2. allowing too much paint to flow 

3. A combination of the above 














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Are you referring to the nozzle cap or needle cap? Since your view inside the nozzle cap is obstructed while it's attached to the airbrush I'm guessing it's the needle cap you're having the issue with?

If paint is accumulating in there you should rule out the possibility of a malfunction first. I would give it a good clean and then put some drops of water in the paint cup. I would use water instead of thinner because it will evaporate much slower and give you the chance to notice if there's any build-up inside the needle cap without messing with the trigger. If there is build-up -> bad news. Cracked nozzle or issues with the needle seating in the nozzle.

If it isn't a malfunction it could be that you're trying to spray too much for the pressure you're using. It's coming out of the airbrush but the pressure is too low to "blow out" all the mix and some of it is pooling in the cap. It's not that the air pressure is too small for normal use, but it's just not enough for that specific situation.

And something I'm guilty of myself: if you're spraying upwards it would worsen the situation because gravity would also be working against you.

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I did as you said and the water sprayed well with no accumulation. 


Reducing the pressure and the amount of paint being applied seems to have cured the issue.

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I’ve noticed with mine that if you’re slightly careless filling the paint cup, or don’t seal it properly with the lid, you can get a drop of paint running down the outside which gravity usually delivers to the tip of the airbrush eventually. For some reason, it’s always on the side of the cup you can’t see easily…



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Hi Mark,


I am not sure whether you are getting a pooling in the needle cap or a starting splutter. If it is the latter, the usual culprit is, when using very thinned paint, closing the air before the paint with a dual action airbrush. Often happens by just releasing the trigger.  When you start again you get a splutter. Process should be air on (push down), paint on (pull back), paint off (paint released), air off (trigger released). Now this can be a bit tricky getting the co-ordination right but, it does work and you quickly get use to the fine motor skills to do this without thinking . End of problem. Alternatively, start and finish off the surface you are spraying. I use thin coats and Mr Surfacer 1500 and Mr Color Leveling Thinner on every build and can also get this situation of the starting splutter if I inadvertently upset my co-ordination. 


12 hours ago, cmatthewbacon said:

I’ve noticed with mine that if you’re slightly careless filling the paint cup


I have also done the same with a full cup. Lessons learned.


Both the above always happen at the most inopportune moments.



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It will happen with most paints, especially if your laying down a lot of paint, ie priming to get wet coats on. As stated before you start the next pass, start off the model to clear the build up

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