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Hi, 3 more cars that were driven by Mike Hawthorn,the 1958 F1 world champion.The single seater is a British Connaught A type,Mike won a Formula 2 race in this car in 1952, only 50 kits were made in white metal by Historic Replicas,now you can still buy this as a kit by K and R Replicas. The D Type I should have made years ago,it's a Provence Moulage resin kit of the famous/infamous 1955 Le Mans winning car. Now I realise I haven't quite finished all the small details,like bonnet straps etc. Oh and one extra, a conversion from a Ferrari road car,Ferrari 375MM. The model was ready made,I think by Italian company Top Model. Added decals and more details to represent Mike's car from the Le Mans race of 1953. Hope you like! Chris.spacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.pngspacer.png

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