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USAF Weapons Test HAVE GLASS VII F-16XL...what could have been

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Sneak Peak.


My 1/48 what-if in-flight....built up then put on the shelf...then taken back off the shelf and slowing working the decals and weapons.  Eventual loadout will be 6 x WCMD in test config (orange test tail sections) and a few exercise-test HARM...along with a CATM 9M/9X x 2 on the wingtip BOL launchers.  









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6 hours ago, Gidge said:

What paint did you use for the Have Glass effect?

About every bottle of my buff-able Testors MM metallic dark colors in my paint stash. Honestly I was like a witch making a magic potion, little of this...little of that. Recipe not followed. Sorry I can’t be more help. 

Thin coat of Future as a pre-decal gloss. 

After the decals and a wash, going to flat coat the model...then try a rub of black graphite powder to give it that metallic look similar to the first gen HG paints. 



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It's the last 20% of the model.  The dreaded last 20%....or as the Model Geeks podcast calls it....MoJo Killers.  Decals on, wash on, flat coat on.  Canopy unmasked.


Now its time for:

Painting the pilot

Painting and detailing the ordnance & Sniper pod

Landing lights

Mounting the weapons and stores

Installing the engine nozzle 

Static wicks...a lot of them


And a coat of graphite powder on the main body to simulate the shiny yet grimy look of the HG.


Off we go....





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