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AGM-84D Harpoon Missile (648619) 1:48

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AGM-84D Harpoon Missile (648619)

1:48 Eduard Brassin




In the mid-60s, America watched in horror as a Soviet-made missile was used to sink an Israeli Destroyer in the Middle East, causing them to accelerate their Harpoon programme that would give them their own effective anti-ship missile.  By 1977 the first Harpoon missiles were being delivered, and various different blocks saw the type develop its capabilities, with several thousand delivered to US and many allies over the years.  The AGM-84D is a capable weapon that can be carried by ships, aircraft and even submarines, travelling at low level to targets over the horizon.  A later block was able to re-attack in the event of an initial miss, thanks to improved avionics.




As is now usual with Eduard's smaller resin sets, they arrive in the new shallow Brassin cardboard box, with the resin parts safely cocooned in bags, and the instructions folded around acting as padding.  Inside is a bag of resin parts and another bag with stencil decals and a small Photo-Etch (PE) sheet protected by a piece of white card.  There are parts for two missiles, which have eight separate fins and a choice of either a seeker head moulded into the forward fuselage part, or an alternative FOD cover moulded in.  The PE parts are folded up into a pair of small grab-handles that attach on either side of the FOD cover to aid clean removal by the ground/deck crew.  Colour call-outs throughout are in Gunze codes, and are repeated in a separate diagram that also shows the location of the many stencils on the weapon.


Another superbly detailed weapon set from the masters at Eduard.


Highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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