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Resin Figures (1350015)

1:350 GreenStrawberry




While these little folks aren’t strictly Sci-Fi, I suspect that they were intended to be placed in Star Trek kits that have visible bays or arboretums, at least initially.  That doesn’t stop you from using them anywhere that their scale would permit, even going as far as a Gulliver’s Travels diorama!  The set arrives in a small box, which is why it got side-tracked for a while (sorry about that!), and inside is a plastic bag that has been heat-sealed into four quadrants, each one containing a casting block of figures.  There are no instructions because each figure is a single part, and as they aren’t intended for any specific role, you can paint them any colour you like, within reason.




The four casting blocks each have little ears at the ends to help protect the figures, of which there four on each block.  There are two blocks of male figures, all in different positions, and two blocks of female figures in the same poses as the males, so if we’re thinking Star Trek, you have plenty of variety to play with.  The poses are as follows:


  • Walking, possibly carrying or pushing something
  • Standing, hands on hips
  • Kneeling on one knee, both hands out
  • Walking, arms swinging
  • Standing, one arm out straight
  • Standing, possibly leaning against something
  • Standing, hands near pockets
  • Standing, hands folded in front


Each figure is attached to the block across the shoulder blades, and there are additional wisps of resin spreading out to ease casting, but all this should be very easy to cut off the back, possibly with the aid of some Blutak to hold the figure down.  At this scale the limbs are very slender, but my example had made it here in one piece, but care will need to be taken by the time you begin handling them for painting and eventual installation.



Very well-detailed and crisply cast tiny people in a range of poses that will add some human scale to any 1:350 model whether it’s Sci-Fi or otherwise.


Very highly recommended.




Review sample courtesy of


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I have a hard time with 1/72 figures, these will be mental!

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I can envisage those being utilised on 1:350 aircraft carrier flight decks, plus other surface craft at that scale.  Nice one Green Strawberry.   I went to place an order,  via the "Available Here" link but GS state that their minimum order is $220 for deliveries to UK.  They do however have a UK distributor at "Above and Beyond" who are based in Gloucester.  Not in stock yet but I shall look forward to getting some.



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