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Torpedo net stowage arrangement, Mikasa

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I'm working on the 1/350 Hasegawa Mikasa with the lovely Pontos detail set. I've spend the past few months carefully setting up the walkway and booms that hold the torpedo net. I plan to have the net stowed, so the booms are folded against the hull.




I'm planning on recreating the rolled up net with a folded/rolled length of nylon tights. The thing I'm not sure of is what sort of diameter the net is supposed to have.


The problem I'm running into is that the 6 inch battery guns have a hatch that falls out and rests against the torpedo net walkway like so:






This doesn't leave much space for the net to pass underneath it.


Would the rolled up net be small enough to fit in that space? Phrased differently, should I make things work so that I glue the hatches so that they fold all the way down to touch the walkway, or would the hatches be resting on top of the torpedo net and leave a gap?

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Yes. As pictured is the "open" position of the hatch.

23 minutes ago, Kevin Aris said:



good evening


does the hatch def drop downwards, and not raised upwards?


Yes. This is the open position of the hatch. The hinge points are immediately below the gun

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