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Material Storage

Andy G

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Following on from our Rod, Tube and Wire Store we've just introduced a new unit aimed at storing sheet materials such as plasticard, card and brass.  It also has sections for storing strip materials.


The Sheet Store has a range of slots, varying in depth so that sheets can be stored even after they have been partially used.  There are three drawers and an open tray to enable the storage of smaller bits.


2021-04-10-16-18-54-057 2021-04-10-16-20-47-061 2021-04-10-15-40-57-048 2021-04-10-15-45-58-055


We can also supply the Storage Tubes to protect thin strips of material from low flying plastic aircraft and tanks and to stop you getting poked in the eye!

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@Andy G Like the look of this, but have you considered something similar for just storing plastic sprues as someone is working on them? I thought that I had seen something on your site, but cannot see anything. 


In my mind, it's similar to this, but without the drawers, and the side storage, but with the vertical slots whereby you can drop sprues in to keep them out of the way as you are working on them so that they don't clutter your workspace. Hopefully you get what I am explaining! 

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Hi Ed,

We haven't got anything yet.  Another customer has suggested storage for the Tamiya sanding sheets and it's possible that the two may be combined.  What I'm probably going to do is something like a toast rack so that the sprues run from the front to the back of the unit.  I think that is at 90 degrees to your suggestion, but will hopefully reduce the restriction on size of sprue, i.e. they can be bigger than the width of the unit.

As they say, watch the space (but don't hold your breath!)



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I'm with you on what you're explaining! At the moment, I've seconded the laptop/instruction stand into a sprue stand!


When the Eduard Tempest came out, I managed to pick up a Royal Class boxing, I've finally got round to working on it, and have decided to do both kits at the same time (yes - glutton for punishment:cry:) however, with duplicates of all the sprues lying around, I needed something to keep them in some sort of order. And the Laptop stand was just in the right place at the time with the grooves in the front where the tray would slot in for the "tilt". Something more specifically designed would be better in the long term, but this is serving a "higher purpose" for now😇🙏😁

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