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Tamiya spray paint and suncream!

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My 4 year old son made a handy , but unwelcome discovery the other day. We have a Tamiya hard bodied rc car , and he was spraying it with asda spray on suncream. I decided to clean it off later in the day and to my suprise it too the tamiya TS paint off!

How strange is that? Handy though!

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Suncream can also cause major problems with the paint on real cars. I’ve seen plenty of cases where hand prints on various panels can’t be removed.




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Yep, sun-tan lotion is surprisingly corrosive stuff. Years ago, I remember applying some to myself and then handling an SLR camera. The camera's rubber grip parts were noticeably "dissolved" by the sun-screen.



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Very interesting. I had never considered sunscreen to have this sort of property but apparently it is quite common.


Likely caused by the sunscreen containing polyethylene glycol otherwise referred to as PEG


PEG is an interesting chemical and is found in many products including laxatives, personal lubricants, wood preservatives, paintballs, and even rocket fuel.


For a quick summary:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyethylene_glycol


Learn something new every day.


cheers, Graham 

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