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Fear of Covid


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I took a little trip by train today. Whilst waiting on Norwich station with everyone in obligatory facemasks, a creature appears.

I assume it was female.....

Anyway, obviously a Covidophobe. Dressed in black trousers, a blue fleece and a Fairisle bobble hat.

The fleece was zipped right up with a high neck - extending just above eyeline. The bobble hat pulled right down to the fleece with a minute gap that the left eye could only just see out of. Less vision than a Burkha. It made erratic progress up the platform weaving past eveyone, with cuffs pulled over the hands. Jerky movements and obviously terrified of catching something.

The best part about it? Completely BAREFOOT with worn ragged trouser cuffs.


I did say Norwich, it wanted the train to Gt Yarmouth. Other passengers were laughing. My comment was 'NFN!'

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In which context, someone I know has reported, as a side effect of a Covid-19 vaccination, "loss of an iPad", and that it was later discovered "in an unexpected pocket."

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