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Crane Jane and Maz Boy

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Hey Guys,


  Still working on the cab interior.  I have only a few more items to be built and installed befor the cab is finished.


I built up various small fittings for this space.  This is the gauge panel for the dash....



and some wiring under.......the dashboard is simple paper printout of some dials, glued into place.



I also built the steering column, E-brake, and such.......



test fitting the outside panel.  making sure that everything fits inside.



No outside panel.......







I still have a bit of work to do on this side, befor I start on "the other side".  


That's about for this week.  Until next time.  Thanks All.

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 This was a good build week.  Altho it may not look like it, much has been done.  The cab is just about finished, but with a bit to go.


I finished the interior of the cab........







The outside wall has also been worked on, and is in place...........





It looks like it will fit into place, OK





Always test fitting........



Still a ways to go, but it looks good so far.  I have started considering how the next part of the build will interact with the cabs, but actually building anything for the next section is a long ways off yet.


I have the next cab already cut and shaped so the build for the other cab should be a lot quicker. 


I have been working on a OOB kit with not much improvements, but it still takes time from this build.  Altho a nice change of pace feels good sometimes.


Until next time, stay tuned.

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  • 3 months later...
  • 3 months later...

Hey Guys,


  So much to tell. 


This build is still active.


First of all is "Anhedonia".  I had to look this condition up in medical terms.  This is a condition where a person, all of a sudden, no longer has enjoyment in doing regular loved activities.  I didn't even open the model room door for three months. the idea building just went out the window. Zero building at all. The last three months I have been struggling with building an OOB kit, but an hour or two a week.  To get me back into building again.


I have spent the spring and summer building the new studio and media room.  1200 sq. ft. of rebuilt art loft studio, and man cave media room downstairs. 


I finally had a breakthrough when, after working on the new space, just this weekend. I have moved the old man cave to the new location.  Moving the work station to it's new location has sparked the build demons and this build is now back on track.


I have a mess to straighten out to get the new build desk in order to build again, but all the items are still present, and I just have to get the new space "lived in" to get back to work.


I'll post again shortly.  If anybody else has had an episode of "Anhedonia",  please share on how you got out of this condition.


Thanks All,  RichO

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Good to have you back! Nice to see this build back on track, I guess I was not the only one wondering about it. It does seem like you spent your time well on other things. I had to look up anhedonia, looks like a severe loss of mojo! Can't say I have experienced it like you have, but there are weeks when modelling is far from top of mind. A change of something (be it build, work or social pace, weather...) usually sparks things back to life. Your new cave seems a good inspiration. Let's have more of the Maz 🙂 

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Rich! Great to see you back on here. Anhedonia sounds like a small province near Greece to me. 

I'm sorry to hear that it struck you that badly. The new work areas sound great, any chance of pictures once it's straight?

Looking forward to more modelling news soon. All the best, Pete

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I had intended to post more of the build, a day or so after this last posting.  I've been away so long, my image host dose not remember me and I'm having a real time trying to get my files to operate properly.  I'll post as soon as everything is in order.


Thanx All

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  • 3 weeks later...

Adding photos to this posting is getting harder and harder.  My image site dose not know who I am, and has canceled my account.   I need to find another image site.  Can anybody recommend a site to host images?


I have a backlog of photos to share, just don't know with who.



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Looks a pretty comprehensive summary @JeroenS

i have been using Imgur for some time.  It looks all social media on the surface but the service seems pretty stable & links have been stable.  You can set private folders of up to 50 photos at a go, fill them up & start another
Stable Google Image links would be ideal, but doesn’t seem likely

Take your choice Rich!

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I have an imgur test going on at the moment. I frikin hate computers, so this will take me a few times to get everything correct. I my have to call for assistance.  Please stand by......

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Rich, Drag and drop your picture onto the site. Click on your picture. It will then appear in a larger box. Right click on this picture.

A small box will appear. Click on save image address. Come back onto here, right click and the address will appear on here.

Click on it and the picture will appear. Or, leave it as just the address for others to click on. 

To see your pictures when you go to imgur, click on your name in the top right corner.

Imgur will resize your pictures if you select the right bit. This one is 640 x 480. They load fairly quickly.

Good luck, Pete



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Hi All,


The first new parts in quite some time! I had a fun time of it, trying to get the photo thang to work. I hope you can see these. 


New window frames.1hNGmPc.jpg


A bunch of new parts for the launch cab.




Before painting.








Ready to assemble into a cab.



Part of one anyway.









Still lots of work to do here, but the bones are done and now. Painting, sanding the corners, getting ready for the first color.


I will leave the post as is, and hope I did everything correctly for you all to view.


Let me know, Thanks.

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Thanks Pete, I have found over the years, it's one thing at a time for me.  sizing the photos is next. and building one model at a time. I seem to totally ignore any side projects for a bit when building. 


I'll post again soon, with some more detailed descriptions


Thanks for the help everyone!

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