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Crane Jane and Maz Boy

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Thanks for watching guys.  


This posting is a progression of the hoses and wiring, but not everything just yet.


I started with a purpose in mind with the hoses and wiring, but quickly lost my way, to the point where I'm now just laying lines because they look cool. 


In the real world, all of these lines are black hoses and wires that you can't tell what the heck they are. I chose to run my lines as hard lines instead of soft hoses.  My thoughts at the time were to make the different lines different colors and to be a bit more organized with the layout of things.  


That's all out the window at this point.  


Air Lines......




I laid some pipe to where ever else I could think of, and then some.....







It was at this point that I received some new reference photos, and started with the soft lines.  Thanks Ivan.













Hydraulic Pumps, one on each side.




I sprayed the tires with black satin.  A little to shinny for me.  I'll over spray everything with a dull coat before the body work starts.










It's now time to start with hooking up the Transmission to the engine, with all those hoses and wires.

I'm also finishing off the engine build with the radiator fans.


Until next time.........

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I think it's as good as impossible to replicate all the wiring and plumbing on a truck chassis faithfully, but you have enough in there and it looks mighty convincing.

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This will be the last posting of the open frame.  I have everything I want to accomplish at this point and I'm ready to move along.

These photos are of the last remaining components to be added to the frame along with making sure that everything holds together for the future body work.


I believe that this is the compressor for the air tanks.




and this is where it lives.




I believe this is the main fill/bleed pump for the brakes. 




it's located here............




and these are the fan parts........




in the groove........


thank you fans............


mounted into place.......



I'll add more dirt and grease as I go along, but this is now a rolling frame,100% done.











the body work starts with the front bumper.  I'll be back.


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Thanks Guys,


I needed to post today before things get to far ahead.  I have built the front bumper, and the cabin heater core, along with more steering elements.  Short and sweet report today.


the front bumper under construction........




test fit........




painting the bumper...........





Bottom's up.............










painted the cabin heater core............



the under side.........




it lives here, under the cabin floor...............




this view shows the build up of items under the cabin.



the cabin floor comes next.


Thanks All............

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Hey Altogether,


Todays report is in the middle of a mess with the cabs.  I say "cabs" with an "s" because I have two to build simultaneously.  Both the same, but not the same.  I am attempting to build these a bit the same way as the frog-7 cab.  That is, an outside shell and slipping the interior build into the outside shell.


The wall structure is a bit different than I have worked with before.  Two of the cab walls are also the engine fire walls.  These appear to be a single wall, where as the front and outside walls are shell and interior.  More structural research needed there.


starting with cutting the parts........




Always test fitting.........




Drivers cab............






Missile launch cab.  Altho no more missile.




 I believe that I have seen a cage around the engine to help support the engine cover.  More to come on that.........


Nose job...........






I will continue to research the innards........


That's it for now, the build continues.  Thanks All


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Hey Rich, always nice to see these updates - just so much interesting stuff going on! Really worth taking time to go through the images carefully. I can't remember if it was on this or another build of yours, but you had commented on your approach to weathering, and specifically, the artful use of color.  I replied then, and will say again, I really like to see your color choices - they convey more than the obvious rust and grime, and by themselves add interest to what it already a fascinating build! 




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2022!!  I hope everyone has had a great time so far!!


I managed to get some work done on the project this holiday.  Mostly because we got snowed in for a few days. 


View out the model room window.



I concentrated on the driver cab this week.  Not as much done as I'd like.


Front end of driver side...



Side door openings........



Cab construction.........









Now that I have the outside shell for the drivers cab, it's off to the launch cab.


I'll be back..........

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A happy new year Rich! It has started out rather snowy for you, looks like. You have a colourful view by the way 🙂 


The cab is shaping up nicely, I can see why this would take some time to build. 

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Hey All,


This is getting fun now.  The geometry of the cab area is a bit more than I thought it was.  (Wacky Russians).

Everything seems to be slanted a bit and one of the windows is twisted.  I'll get it all sorted.


This is the engine cover air vents........




Engine cover........



Another cab........




This is were the engine cover lives........



Two cabs Jackson...........



Everything is just sitting here.........





Now that the cabs are roughed out, it's time to finish and detail.  This may take a bit of time.


See you next time All............

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Thanks Everyone !


A bit of a different posting this time.


I didn't do to much this week on the build, but some.  I was still unpacking boxes and getting items around the house new homes.  I know that I am missing some models, so the search goes on.


I set up the model room (for now I guess), and unpacked what I found so far.  I discovered that every, already completed project that I packed, needs to be repaired to some extent.  Pro movers?


I spent some time prioritizing what to do first and before long, a bunch of days past.

This is the temporary work station, including problems with my orange and white dinner.... When the permanent work station is ready, this work station will be moved, and another show display will live here.




The door to the right is the stash room.



The model room.........




The entry door on the left.  The first book case (the left one) with the small building and water tower is the very first start to a new diorama (War of the Worlds).  The diorama on the right is "Coopers Rocket" in the Dio section..  I'll hang posters behind these for some affects.


Next is where the Godzilla diorama lives, but not started (Gojira is just taped together).  And the stash room.....



very lean on the kits at the moment....





and then, the stash of big trucks...




the entry door out on the right.


I'm sure you guys know about these.  The new dentist office is walking distance down the road.




A little at a time I worked on the crane deck.  I'm starting to think about the interface of the Crane and the Maz and how to get everything secured.


The parts........



This all lives about here.........



The support walls for the crane bed worked out to be 4mm thick.  I had to stack 1mm sheets together for this.


I still have a ton of work to do on the cabs, but it's nice to change thing up a bit.  So what ever is next is what I'm working on.


Until next time...





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Good luck with completing the setup! It took me a while to get everything sorted after our move earlier this year, other stuff got in the way every time. I was very nervous about moving my completed models but as we moved within the same city, not even 10 minutes away, I moved them all myself and not even a side mirror came off. Big sigh of relief 🙂 

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Hey Jeroen,  We had a move of about seventy five miles.  About as far as London to Peterborough. I hand carried the Frog-7, but that was the only one. The pro movers moved everything else.  Not good to let someone else move the fragile items.


It's all moved anyway, and ready for settling down permanently.

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  • 3 weeks later...



It's been a bit since last posting.  Only a little work done, but steady progress.


The interior has a lot of items to build and install.  These are just a few...


The Driver seat......








It lives here with, seat pads later..........




I also worked more on the doors........



and a lot of do-dads for the interior of the driver cab....



It's taken some time, with everything else going on, but the driver cab is just about done.  More next posting.


That's it.  Thanks everyone.

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