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Fine Molds & Fujimi


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After seeing giemme's latest entry, a 'Fine Molds' F-4EJ  in 'Work in Progress - Aircraft'.  I considered acquiring a copy for myself only to find info suggesting Fine Molds and Fujimi are no longer imported into the UK?


Is this true?


Miko (who can't catch a break recently)

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15 minutes ago, Robert said:

Hi you can get the Finemolds F-4EJ Phantoms in th UK from here https://fromemodelcentre.com/plastic-model-kits.html?cat=292&manufacturer=144





Thanks! Although they don't have the 2021 version they do have the 2020 which has the appropriate decal set!


Ordered and paid for, now I'm off to sit my the post box and wait for it to arrive! Ha!

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