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Sea King wheel wells question

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Colin @heloman1 must be wishing he hadn't involved me in his S-61N build begun a few years ago by sending me his project to complete.

Sorry mate but I am with it now, only it and my bus on the bench until she is completed.


Anyway may I draw upon the huge knowledge base here in BM to help me tackle the end phases please.


I have the Airfix Sea King as the base model and am trying to unravel the mystery of the retraction gear inside the sponsors, none of the pictures I have found yet uncover the deep dark hole and the gubbins that makes it unfold.


What dark mysteries lurk in here?




The Airfix units have a triangular frame that should just sit out of sight along the hole, there must be more to it than that surely.




A gratuitous shot to prove the new (vac formed hollow) sponsors are ready for paint and struts at last.


Please help an old man.


And Colin...



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You know what Richard? I really should, I am sure Crisp would have an idea.


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Bill, I’m busy today but I’m sure I can find you something.  Assuming the S-61 has the same arrangement as the Sea King, it is pretty simple

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27 minutes ago, Julien said:

best I can find

Better than anything I could find thanks Julien


Crisp I will appreciate anything, mind you I have had a very nostalgic morning re-reading your first Sea King thread


Upto page 16/17 now and enjoying a rip-roaring sea faring swashbuckler.



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Following a couple of quite lengthy updates on my desktop I seem to have lost the ability to post pictures.

I hope these might help.






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Thank you Chris, very useable pictures and they will be stolen ruthlessly and bunged in my Sea King file.


And the actual Sea King with rivets part 1 thread provided me a lifetime's supply of Sea King undercart on pages 29, 30 and 31.


Answers supplied and problems solved, thank to all who helped.


Now I have to attempt getting the right stuff into the holes in my vac-formed sponsors, down to me making the mistakes again.


Nothing changes...

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