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Always been interested in drones like this (the Jindivik being my personal favourite) so couldn't help having a go at this cute little thing. I built a pair of the Plus Model ones last year but they're really tiny in 72nd scale.

Very nicely moulded and goes it together fairly quickly. I'm sure there should be something in the gaping hole where the jet pipe comes out underneath but I guess we'll never know. I did add 4 more little bracing wires around the fuselage tho' as per photos as it wouldn't be physically possible to stay in the launch trolley as ICM show it.  Anyway, I look forward to the next one which I believe will be the BQM-34. Thanks for looking.







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5 hours ago, Stephen said:

Great work. I'm looking forward to the BQM-34 as well.

What I'm looking forward to is ICM's promised 1/48 DB-26B/C with a couple of drones hanging under its wings!

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I'm most impressed with your paint work. Yellow and white can be difficult to paint.

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