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It's my usual habit to visit an air museum maybe a couple of times a year, I've been lucky in that in my travels I've seen some spectacular sights around the world, but now in the UK are there places of interest I can visit in the middle of this awful pandemic?


Previously visited Duxford Cosford Farnborough and. . . . I can't remember the name of the place?


So, anywhere open this weekend?



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In the government’s four-step roadmap to remove lockdown restrictions, museums in England can reopen on Monday 17 May. So while shops and libraries can open from Monday 12 April, we’ll have to wait another month after that until we can return to our favourite collections.




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19 hours ago, Aeronut said:

Newark Aircraft Museum has restricted access (outside exhibits) this coming weekend. http://newarkairmuseum.org/Visiting_In_Spring_2021



Thanks for your replies guys, some great suggestions, a trip to Winthorpe is in order, haven't been there for quite a few years, last time was to research a couple of builds. 

The staff were really helpful and compliant and allowed me to get close up with their Canberra PR7 and Blackburn NA39, it was around the time they acquired their Viggen which was being prepared for display




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Newark and Doncaster are my locals;


Very friendly staff and constantly expanding collections.


I seem to recall that Doncaster boasts the largest collection of Canberras (all cockpits) in the world and the second largest collection of Westland aircraft. They are also starting restoration on a Lightning F3, which is ex-Binbrook LTF (also close to me). They have a new set of wings for her, so XR713 will get knocked off it's pedestal as 'The only uncut F3'. 


Newark is soon due to receive a twin-sticker Typhoon and has, under restoration, the only Chinook on public display anywhere in the UK.




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