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Wunschdenken.... or: "I wish I had one of those!"

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While approaching the last stretch of my large Karl diorama, I really needed to do a small project to keep the mojo flowing.
Hence I pulled out this MiniArt tractor kit, and together with the MK35 farmer which was gathering dust in the stash, I came to the following story...
A famer, transporting two filled buckets of water suddenly sees this big, powerful and somewhat shiny tractor... His jaw drops open while he thinks:"If only I had one of those!!!" Hence the title: Wunschdenken.
I found this small (30x24 cm) project very enjoyable and I tried some techniques which turned out out remarkably well...
Thanks for watching and enjoy the pictures...


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There are times when keeping it simple works best.

This is an excellent little story that I very much like.

Love the water sloshing out of the bucket on the wheelbarrow.

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@CadmanThank you very much for the compliments...  

The spilling water was actually a sort of last minute addition that jumped into my mind. It also provided me with the challenge how to represent this in a convincing way. And the answer was a small piece of fishing line, repeatedly being dipped in CA glue in a stroking way.... 

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1 hour ago, Pete in Lincs said:

Unusual and quite lovely. Keep that Mojo flowing, especially if we get to see more like this!

Cheers... I have plenty ideas (and mostly the corresponding kits/figures) for the commin year at least... So there will be more comming in the future :)

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On 25/04/2021 at 03:59, stevehnz said:

That is a lovely wee dio, most enjoyable. :)


Many thanks... I am glad you like my handy work...

On 25/04/2021 at 12:30, Homer said:

Congratulations on some fine modelling. 

Thank you so much. :)

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1 hour ago, sanfrandragon said:

Very nice, I like the story.  The leaking bucket looks good and you’ve caught the expression on the farmers face perfectly!

It is always a pleasure to see that people are enjoying my doings and I want to to thank you for your kind words... The head came with the figure so the credits go to the sculptor. I just turned it to the right... 

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