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1 hour ago, Stef N. said:

Archer Fine Transfers do a range of weld seams in various sizes. Might be worth a try.



Thanks! Its unclear if they actually do any for 1/16, so i've emailed them. I had a feeling in this day and age that someone would have looked at that part of the aftermarket.

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I've been having a good look around and was surprised to find a few options out there, but sadly  none really fit the bill. Shapeway do what look like great 3D resin printed lines in various widths........so I ordered some and they certainly don't resemble those in the pics, in fact I was somewhat disappointed. They only come in short lengths and are in a clear material, presumably a type of resin? They are cheap, but postage is ridiculous. Then I discovered copper weld lines from Mirage Hobbies. They look great and you get 1.5 metres of it!!!  They do it in 1/16, or rather say they do..... the weld line is only 1.25 mm wide, no where near wide enough.....

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