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1 hour ago, Stef N. said:

Archer Fine Transfers do a range of weld seams in various sizes. Might be worth a try.



Thanks! Its unclear if they actually do any for 1/16, so i've emailed them. I had a feeling in this day and age that someone would have looked at that part of the aftermarket.

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I've been having a good look around and was surprised to find a few options out there, but sadly  none really fit the bill. Shapeway do what look like great 3D resin printed lines in various widths........so I ordered some and they certainly don't resemble those in the pics, in fact I was somewhat disappointed. They only come in short lengths and are in a clear material, presumably a type of resin? They are cheap, but postage is ridiculous. Then I discovered copper weld lines from Mirage Hobbies. They look great and you get 1.5 metres of it!!!  They do it in 1/16, or rather say they do..... the weld line is only 1.25 mm wide, no where near wide enough.....

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Those resin ones in the tutorial do not look like weld beads to me!

You will need to spec your weld bead dimensions and find the ones that fit the size for your model.

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