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618 Sqn - Mosquito help

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13 hours ago, EwenS said:


Is this the one?



Ignore the caption it is clearly wrong since in Oct 1945 Implacable was making a POW repatriation trip from Australia to Canada (some of the other captions in the series are also completely wrong by the way). The squadron ORB dates this to 10 Oct 1944. Odd thing is though that this event does not rate a mention in the histories I have for Implacable.


Wow!  Some fantastic photos there. No, it's none of those but presumably from the same role.  Interestingly, the shot of the aircraft taking off looks to have a code letter, possibly in sky although more likely dull red.  M or W?


The shot of the crew.  I suspect that the guy in the greatcoat is Wing Commander Hutchinson, 618's CO.


Thanks for posting those.  Greatly appreciated.


There's some photos of Highball Mosquitoes in the relevant thread on the Secret Projects forumm whilst Geoff Goodhall's site turned this shot up:




Not the best quality and I suspect it's a poor quality scan from from the Ian Thirsk book.  Not sure when it was taken.


Said page is full of good photos, including one of the Mosquito graveyard at Narromine and one of the two Barracudas that 618 retained.



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