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1/72 Airfix Me-262 A2 "White B, KG 51"

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Dear fellow Britmodellers,

here's my 1/72 Airfix Me-262 A2 "Blitzbomber", built with the addition of Eduard photo etch and resin wheels. 

Pitot tube from the spares box, brake lines from stretched sprue, and vacu canopy from Rob Taurus.

Painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics.

Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel.




The Airfix Me-262 kit is precise in shape and outlines and features an open landing gear bay (a detail other manufacturers have missed).

Unfortunately, it suffers from fit problems with the engine/wing assembly.

This is not difficult to correct, but comes unexpected on a modern tooling.

I damaged the kit's canopy hood when cleaning up the sprue gates and replaced it with a vacu piece from Rob Taurus (intended for use on the Revell kit).

The mottle scheme (RLM82/83) was airbrushed free-hand.









































Thank you for your interest.

Best greetings from Vienna!






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I see Roman Schilhart and think 'this will probably be a nice model', then I open the page to see the photos and it really is.  Lovely build, lovely finish.

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A beautiful build as ever. The Airfix 262 is a nice kit but I can't understand why that wing engine fit problem wasn't picked up.

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Hi My Dear Friend Roman!!!

Congratulations for this new masterpiece you have shared here and that will grace your wondeful  shelves!!!

I have been watching your splendid job and enjoyed how you worked this level  of detail and nice mottle camouflage... Ah, and the nice weathering you applied.

Really enjoyed the build.


I have some Me 262 kits in my stash from different brands, and maybe, looking your wonderful job, will go ahead but taking one simple kit to build like the old AIrfix I have watched above here in this thread, as I have it since a long time to work one as Allan 31 showed above...


These new kits on the block are great, but I have a lot of kits that are here collecting dust and something should be done with them. 


Keep on my friend and enjoy as many as you can!!!




Luis Alfonso 

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Very nice A2- I think it's the only one I have seen built, in any scale. Paintwork is very well done. I agree that the new-tool Airfix kit is probably the best, overall, in 1/72 scale- I just wish they had remembered to do the cooling vents on the rear of the nacelles, as they are very characteristic of the airplane. Thinking of cross-kitting the rear of the Hasegawa kit  nacelles onto the Airfix kit. (That being said, it appears that not all 262's had the cooling vents on the rear of the nacelles, as seen on many of the preserved examples in the linked site below- very curious! Betting the example Airfix scanned to make their kit didn't have them, either.)  The undersides of your model are especially well done! 👌




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Roman, if I you did not say anything, I would be convinced that this Me-262 is the real thing and I would expect a pilot to hop in and take off on a mission.  Superb as always my friend!!!!!! :clap2:



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