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CA-28 Ceres


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1 hour ago, ianwau said:

Love the Ceres!  to spur you on - I finished a 1/48 conversion (Conversion of a Sirius Wirraway conversion of a Monogram Texan...) about 12 months ago.  Magnificent schemes available - and can vouch for the @Derek_B book on the aircraft. 



That's a real beauty!


Progress on my Ceres stalled a bit this week. Bit of a mojo shortage. Lots of complicated stuff going on at the moment and somehow the Ceres isn't what I need right now - I sat down to start masking the canopy and somehow just couldn't. I'll get back to it and it'll get finished. Not sure if that's going to happen this week though.

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On 4/18/2021 at 5:12 AM, reini said:

what's with the cockpit high up

If I recall correctly, Reini, the raised cockpit has a pilot safety benefit as well as improved visibility and more room for the hopper. In the unfortunate circumstance of a prang that concertinas engine and fuselage, being up and out of the way, the cockpit has a better chance of retaining structural integrity, thereby improving the pilot's chance of survival.  


What a cracking build, Zebra. CA-28 Ceres is a worthy and unusual subject for a model. And your 1/48 scale effort, Ianwau, is inspirational. I'm tempted to plan a 1/48 scale build sometime in the future; it's on the list.


My old man showed me around his workplace on a family day in 1964; Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation. All wide-eyed with wonder I was. He showed me some wings, radial engines and wooden crates full of miscellaneous components shoved into a corner behind Mirage jigs and Atar engines. My mind's eye labels these 'Ceres bits' as I vaguely recall him pointing and saying that name, I now surmise leftovers from the end of the production run. One day, he brought home an artificial horizon and another cockpit instrument that were likely either Ceres or Wirraway. I think they went to the Australian Aircraft Restoration Group, where I volunteered in my teens. Thanks for the opportunity to wander down memory lane...

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