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Kit :          Learjet 35

Brand :     Stransky

Scale :      1/144

Decals :    Kit Decals


I picked this little kit up in Telford 2018. The minute I saw it I just know I had to get it and build it in the Finnish Air Force colours. The kit is not bad for the scale and size. I just found some of the landing gear and gear doors a little thick, but it’s down to the limits of injection molding.  I could have used the parts to scratch build my own parts, but I didn’t.


I did change and correct some parts of the kit. The first thing I done was to drill out the cabin windows. That was simple because they were molded into the inside. Then I filled some of the panel lines as they are filled on the real aircraft. The tail cone had to be changed, because the Finnish aircraft have a different tail cone, again this was simple. Just remove some plastic from the tail area and replace it with a bit of sprue. The real aircraft has a lot of reinforcing and extra aerials. I added these with some plastic card. I mix some Tamiya paints to get the two greens as I could not find the correct colours, the grey is Tamiya XF-80.


To see the build, click on the link. Link to Build


I would like to thank Antti for his help.


If I was to build this kit again, I would open the cabin door.


Thank you for looking











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That is so neat. I do have to wonder why the Finns need to camouflage a Learjet? 

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That's great work! I couldn't have done it. Way too small for me.

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And in answer to the question from @noelh
 these aircraft were used in a tactical sensor role in addition to (presumably) some 'utility' roles. Anything in the operational role tended to get camouflage in that era.

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This is a real beauty Ken, well done! The paint work looks excellent.


We use these aircraft for a multitude of tasks. The most "visible" uses are target towing and aerial survey (one third of the Finnish territory is photographed each summer, so there is always fresh photographs available). Learjets are also used for maritime patrolling, tactical photo reconnaissance duties and ELINT missions. Today more and more transport flights are also carried out; sometimes as far as to Afghanistan. Learjets became operational in 1981 to replace the ageing Il-28Rs. At current MLU:s take place and they are being painted into a two gray camouflage scheme.




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