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Revell 1/72 Boeing P-26 Peashooter (Not OOB)

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Good evening my fellow afflicted model builders!


Now my Easter eggs are finished and safely in the display cabinet, it's time to get back on track with a 'real world' project. And here what found its way to my bench:



Maybe I needed a short, stubby and colourful aeroplane in my collection... I don't know but I wanted to build one for some time. And now is the time!


So here's what's in the box:








Thankfully for everyone involved, a throne and a mummy are included.

There is only one option as far as colour schemes are concerned but that's all I need. I want this!


Already thinking of panting and masking for most of that instead of using the decals but we'll see what happens in the end.

But that's wasn't enough for me. I wanted more pieces and more ways to mess things up and ruin everything. So I got me a detail set:


(No I'm not using that propeller, the kit's own is better)

Then I got me some reference material, a bottle of primer (first time I'll be using white primer) and because I wasn't sure about the blue I got me a few different ones to try so that I can decide, maybe.



And finally I thought it would be a good idea to try bracing this time...



So guys... wish me luck!




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These are interesting looking and colourful machines. Detail kit will certainly help and looks good.  Good luck with your build. 


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I built another boxing of this kit recently and the decals for the wheel spats and cowling were completely rubbish shape-wise. I doubt they remeasured them for this release so be prepared to do some masking here.


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Hi DF,

I'll pull up a chair and follow along, if I may? The P-26 is such a great little plane.

I built one of these very kits when I was about ten years old (40+ years ago!), it was a good little kit and, bizarrely, I seem to recall that it came packaged with an Easter Egg! It was my first (and, to date, only) attempt at rigging, and at that tender age I used white cotton :D you can imagine how overscale it was, and hairy, too!

Looking forward to seeing this one come together - you might even inspire me to try another one after all these years :)



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