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What's the designation of this short M116-type napalm container?

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Recently I made a 3D CAD model of the 750 lbs M116 napalm bomb with open fuses/igniters, as used on prop aircraft.




But I also see a 'short' version of this weapon, like on the A-1E's below.




This photo shows the same load I believe, and it clearly shows they have exactly the same design for the nose section.




In this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3T-07nQhv8M the same weapon can be seen at least four times. I made some screenshots:










Does anyone know what the designation was? I checked all the weapon technical manuals that I have as PDFs (like TM9-1325) but there's no trace of it. And to modify the CAD model into this version, I would love to know the length, of course. Thanks in advance!




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Thanks! But I should have been clearer: the details visible on the nose of both the long M116 and the short Mxxx are very specific. The have recessed beads in the 'bulkhead', there's a big igniter, on the top side there's a triangular piece to guide the fuse wire, and on the bottom side there a spur-like bracket, that rotates 90 degrees if a nose fairing is fitted. The navy Mk 77 has completely different details on the nose. This is the best picture I could find quickly.







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Jari, many thanks, again! Indeed the BLU-11/B is described as a shorthened M116 in manual TM 9-1325-200. It even states that the center section was shortened 25 inches. That exactly what I needed to know. Super!


And what a photo.. I had never seen it before. Amazing how unstable those M116s were..



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