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A Kübelwagen in Beetle's clothing **FINISHED**


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Thanks very much Cliff - your comments are much appreciated. A lot of the floor will be covered when the seats go in but with having at least one door opened you'll be able to see the floor so thought I'd best cover all bases :thumbsup:

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Hi folks,


Hope everyone is keeping well and has been doing better than me at getting time at the bench.  The recent surge in temperatures over the past couple of weeks (even here in a usually wet and windy Cumbria) has virtually made it impossible to spend any time in my man cave, which being south facing, basically turns it into a greenhouse :jump_fire:.  This has made the spraying I needed to do on this GB as well as my others impossible - especially when you're wearing a respirator!!


However,  a quick reprieve of the heat over the past day or so has meant I can get back to the bench and get this build closer to the finish line.  There's really not too much to do - the main thing holding me up was getting a flat coat over everything in preparation for a bit of weathering to come.


So since my last update here's where I've managed to get to:


The bodywork shell is complete and had a pin wash in places as well as the tiny decals added above each wheel arch and its flat coat - just needs the addition of the windows and rear lights - headlights have been added:






The bonnet and boot have had a pin wash, and the boot has had it's number plate added.  The two doors - driver and passenger - have had a similar treatment as well as the addition of the decals.  This was followed by a flat coat again in preparation of some weathering:




The dashboard/spare tyre compartment combo have had the same treatment as above.  The spare wheel, jerry can and front number plate have all been added and again are awaiting some subtle weathering.  The front number plate as with the rear number plate is made up of a white decal with individual letters stuck on to them - that was a challenge and a half trying to get them to line up but think they look ok in the end :frantic:.  There's also a decal on the dash to represent the speedometer:






Then I've spent some time bringing everything together for the inside of the car/chassis.  The wheels, floor, engine etc have been given a pin wash and the seats were added and then everything given a flat coat.  As I mentioned in a previous post I wanted to add a hint of a human element to the model without adding a figure so you'll spot the addition of a Luger on the front seat and a helmet on the back seat.  For an extra detail and to add a bit of a colour contrast, I've also added a map to suggest the driver/occupants are doing a bit of strategic planning on the way to their destination:












So that's the current state of affairs.  It's really a case now of just bringing everything together to form the finished model.  Once the windows are in everything will be joined to form one coherent model rather than the jigsaw it is at the moment.  Then I'll be able to do some oil weathering - fade up the body work in places for a colour contrast as well as a bit of dust and dirt in places - nothing over the top - just to make it look used.


Hopefully over the next few days and with the weekend in sight I can get her finished and in the gallery - don't want to run out of time after coming this far :fingerscrossed:


So, hopefully, my next update will be the finished model and then gallery pics - really enjoyed this little model and can highly recommend - really looks the part as it builds together.


Some great builds in the gallery so far - keep up the good work folks :thumbsup:


Best wishes



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22 hours ago, Thom216 said:

Looking very good. Really liking the added 'human touch' to the interior.

I agree, although, if I was to be pernickety, the presence of the Luger suggests the vehicle is not unarmed.......



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Thanks for your feedback @Andwil. I never even thought about that and I don't want to go against the rules but my understanding was that the actual vehicle/object itself had to be unarmed - i.e - not physically fitted to the vehicle/object but I would be happy to remove if it was going against the rules. Please let me know @Brad if you'd like this removed - I don't want to be a rule breaker!👍


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Yeah, I don’t think it actually breaks the rules, after all we have already had a Tiger Tank on a railway wagon!  A bit of a grey area though.



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  • planecrazee changed the title to A Kübelwagen in Beetle's clothing **FINISHED**

Hi folks,


Hope you're all having a good weekend and enjoying some quality time at the bench.  I know I have over the past couple of days and as a result was able to give the little staff car the final push it needed to get it over the finish line in time for today's deadline.  Made it in time but starting to cut it fine I think!!


So since my last update, I pretty much just needed to add all the clear parts (lights and windows) and then give everything a flat coat and get everything weathered in for that more 'worn in' but not battered look.  Then I just had to bring all the parts together to form the entire car.


So, I'll just get straight to the point and show you what I've done - sorry if it gets a bit pic heavy but thought I'd show you pics of it coming together bit by bit as well as a few pics from different angles as there's quite a bit going on on such a small model :frantic:  So here we go:




























I did warn you about the pics - sorry got a bit carried away!! 


So there we go - all finished.  It had become a bit of a labour or love I think with this little car and I should probably have had it finished ages ago.  However, I kept wanting to add more bits and pieces like the wires etc to the engine as well as the gun, map and helmet on the inside as well as taking my time with the weathering so it was subtle and didn't over power the model whilst not wanting it to look like it had just come out of a showroom.


It's been a fantastic little model (which I can highly recommend) and a thoroughly enjoyable GB which has taken me away from my more usual subjects of aircraft and armour.  Massive thanks to our host @Brad  for his time and effort in organising the whole thing - excellent job :thumbsup: :clap2:


So, she's now be off to the gallery to sit alongside some fantastic builds that have been produced for this GB - I know I'm going to struggle to choose my favourite(s)!!


So well done all and good luck in the poll 👍 


Now then - where did I put my 109 to get cracking on the STGB - the GB's just never end lol :rofl:


Best wishes



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