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Colours again

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would this be a major blasphemy if I used RAF Ocean Grey instead of NARN20 Home Fleet Grey (507A/B) to paint my 1/700 IBG Glowworm model hull? I know there are dedicated, excellent paints available but that brexit, covid and other funny things make obtaining them a bit more difficult these days...

Thanks in advance for understanding my problem 🙂 Serious advices deeply appreciated, good jokes welcome either.



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I would venture that greater crimes have been committed than this :)


This is RAF Ocean Grey ACRN07rgb_2048x2048.jpg?v=1609599063NARN21rgb_db2682b7-a844-40c6-b6f6-fad4e5 whilst this is Home Fleet Grey


It's probably good enough? We can send direct to Poland as of yesterday, by the way, but it's expensive to send one little tin which is more than you need for an IBG destroyer and I'm out of stock at the moment anyway 😕 


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Posted (edited)

Jamie! Thanks a lot!

I feel obliged to try your excellent products but I think I'm too much newbie in maritime modelling to invest more serious money in naval range of colours. Airplane paints I already have in my drawer in good supply thanks to local dealers (mostly Hataka Orange which are almost perfect and some acrylics which aren't best for airbrushing but don't smell).

But there is one thing I can't get from other source than you in that quality - it's the reliable information and friendly advice! Thank you again!

BTW. Good that they unblocked shipping from GB to Poland.

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