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A321 Frontier Airlines "Otto the Owl" N701FR

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I've not entered an airliner in a Group Build for well over a year, so time to make amends:


This will be the Zvezda A321 kit with RicWarcup decals and Bra.Z winglets to build N701FR "Otto the Owl".  Having relatives in Colorado, we have flown to / from Denver several times in recent years and I'm always drawn to have a walk around Concourse A and get photos of the Frontier aircraft that are on the gates.



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And a start has been made:  windows glued inside fuselage, cockpit added to provide a base for some weight to be glued in and some supports for the two long fuselage seams.  These were water cut by a kind relative but I decided to use them as quadrants, the theory being that they should help to keep the two halves of the fuselage level along the seam and avoid excessive tidying up later.


The basic wing (less flaps and slats) is complete and a pair of engines.




If you're not an airliner modeller, the cabin and cockpit windows will be smoothed and painted over before using Authentic Airliners window decals ie the clear plastic window strips are purely being used to plug the holes.



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